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Day Classes

We deliver 1:1 daytime lessons with a traditional format during term time – ukulele, guitar, bass, drums, piano/keyboard and singing. Our daytime lessons run for 40 weeks per year during term time. There are no lessons during the two SLRS show weeks. All lessons are 50 minutes long and taught on a 1:1 basis.

Students are generally taught by an alternating pair of tutors. However, students may be taught by other tutors when covering for staff holidays/illness. At each lesson students work with their tutors to IMPROVE SKILLS and also get to perform a mix of classic and modern Rock & Pop songs of their choice. There’s also the opportunity to work towards NATIONALLY ACCREDITED EXAMS in their instrument.


Lessons are paid in advance on the first day of each month by standing order. If you start lessons part-way through a month, you can make a part-payment by cash or cheque. Standing orders are £66.66 per calendar month (£20 per lesson x 40 weeks divided by 12 calendar months). This results in a standard payment of £66.66 per month, regardless of whether there are four or five lessons in the month.

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Students are required to bring their own instruments and accessories to lessons. We do have equipment which can be used for tasters or in an emergency.

Cancellations/Notice Period

We require four weeks’ notice if you no longer wish to continue with lessons. You are also responsible for cancelling the standing order with your bank.

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